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Keyona Griffin-Young Girl Killed After Making Call To 911
Murder Story Case Study

Keyona Griffin-Young Girl Killed After Making Call To 911

May 31, 2023

Keyona Griffin was a girl who was brutally killed person known for calling the police 911. She was supposed to inform about her family and the murder incident, which later cost her life in 2019. Before her murder, she was a young woman popular in her surroundings. Later she becomes the victim of a murder that wonder her neighbors as well.  At that time, she was a resident of an apartment at 553 Sheldon. So, if you are interested in the Keyona Griffin obituary and her life then you have come to the right page. 

Profile Summary

Name Keyona Renee Griffin
Age at the time of death 25 years
Date of Birth 8 March 1994
Birth Place United States
Date of Death 13 March 2019
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Biography of Keyona Griffin 

Keyona Griffin
Keyona Griffin

Keyona Renee Griffin, daughter of Mrs. Onyah Griffin and Sanford Cummings Sr., was born on March 8, 1994, in the United States of America. She passed away on March 13, 2019, at the age of 25.

Keyona Griffin had reached her 25th year of life when she passed away in 2019. She would be 28 years old today if she were still living. Keyona had dark skin, belonged to the Afro-American ethnic group, and was a naturalized citizen of the United States. 

She has black-colored eyes and black-colored hair that match each other. Her life was cut short in 2019 after a “home massacre” murder that involved a family tragedy. 

Marital Status Single
Boyfriend/Spouse None
Father Sanford Cummings Sr
Mother Onyah Griffin
Brother Sanford Cummings II
Children None

Keyona Griffin Obituary-What happened to Keyona Griffin? 

Keyona Griffin is only one of the numerous casualties in a 2019 family tragedy that has been dubbed a “home massacre.” She gained notoriety for being one of the crime scene victims who bravely alerted authorities to the tragedy even as it was still happening.

She reportedly dialed 911 to report her aunt’s death and to inquire about her own potential murder. Keyona was not audible to the 911 dispatcher, who was unable to bring assistance right away. Keyona, unfortunately, passed away later, although it was reported that three Grand Rapids Police officers arrived at the murder scene at apartment 553 Sheldon precisely seven minutes and 41 seconds after Keyona’s call to 911 ended. 

While this is true, the Grand Rapids Police officers tried numerous times to enter the residence but were unsuccessful; they circled the house but didn’t try to break in, a source said. They then reported having a bodycam video of themselves. 

However, the investigators from the Grand Rapids Police Department never made contact with anyone there.  They were unaware that the murder was still being committed in Keyona Griffin obituary. Three minutes and 42 seconds after they arrived at the crime scene, they left.

The Sad Death of Keyona Griffin 

Keyona Griffin
Keyona Griffin

The second 911 call was placed by Sanford Cummings II to report the passing of his sister Keyona. He was forced to act immediately and seek assistance due to the horrible experience of discovering his sister dead and being shot several times. As soon as possible, he went to a room with more ceiling height and called the emergency line to report the event. The fact that one of the bullets had struck his sister in the face added to the agony of her passing.

Sanford must have been shocked and concerned for his own safety after witnessing such a terrible crime, which may have a tremendous effect on anyone. Soon after Sanford made the call, the police and emergency personnel would have been on the site and would have had to secure the area and carry out a thorough investigation to determine what had happened to Keyona Griffin. In order to prosecute the offender, the investigation would have entailed speaking with witnesses and gathering proof

Who is the prime suspect in the murder of Keyona Griffin? 

Keyona Griffin
Suspect, Derrell Demon Brown

Was Keyona Griffin’s murderer apprehended? The 48-year-old man Derrell Demon Brown is suspected of killing Griffin and her aunt Cherletta Baber-Bey. Cherletta Baber-Bey was dating Derrell. They first connected at the library and eventually started dating. The suspect resided in the house before Keyona and her aunt Cherletta’s tragic deaths, the police report states.

Quick Facts about Keyona Griffin

  • She enjoyed sharing selfies of herself online and was photogenic.
  • The name of her father is Johnny Griffin.
  • Her aunt passed away while wearing headphones and an iPad.
  • Even though she was unable to escape her killer’s grasp, she at least made an effort to ask for assistance. People recall her brave action of alerting authorities to the crime while it was still being committed.


Who is Keyona Griffin? 

Keyona Griffin is not a public figure or celebrity. She was the victim of murder which made her popular. 

Is Keyona Griffin an athlete? 

There is no information about Keyona Griffin’s profession or athletic career. 

Why is Keyona Griffin famous? 

Keyona Griffin is not a famous person or public figure her terrible death made her famous in public and on social media as well. 

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