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The Horrific murder story of Heidi Allen
Murder Story Case Study

The Horrific murder story of Heidi Allen

May 17, 2023

On Easter Sunday 1994, Heidi Allen while working a part-time shift at the D & W Convenience Store in New Haven, was kidnapped. The last two individuals to see her alive, Gary and Richard Thibodeau, were detained as a result of her inquiry. While the former was found guilty and given a jail sentence where he eventually died, Richard was cleared of all charges.

As time passed, the case grew stranger and stranger; officials and the FBI think it is still unresolved. Stunning new information continued coming to light, raising the possibility that the situation may have been more complicated than what was initially apparent. Given that there is still a hunt for Allen, her case is still one of the most puzzling ones.

In this piece, a few key issues and details surrounding the long-running investigation into Heidi Allen’s disappearance will be further discussed.

Five Key Facts About Heidi Allen’s Decades-Old Case

1) Heidi Allen’s boyfriend was there with her on the morning she disappeared.

Heidi Allen
Heidi Allen

Allen reportedly opened the convenience store where she worked as a part-time employee at around 5:45 in the morning. Her boyfriend was with her at the time but left as soon as others started to show up. 

2) Intriguing Heidi Allen’s Missing Case

The last recorded action at the convenience store’s cash register occurred at 7:42 in the morning. Around 8:15 a.m., a passerby who reported the business was open but unattended halted the sheriff’s police car outside the establishment. Authorities concluded that Heidi Allen had inexplicably disappeared from her shift after a thorough investigation.

Her jacket, pocketbook, and vehicle keys were still in the store, while Allen’s maroon station wagon was abandoned in the parking lot. Additionally, nothing was stolen from the cash register or counter, indicating that there had been no attempt at a robbery, which led detectives to believe that Allen had been abducted from the business.

3) Richard and Gary Thibodeau were her last customers. 

Richard Thibodeau, accompanied by his brother Gary, was reportedly at the store at around 7:30 am. He claimed he bought two packets of cigarettes and left. Both men were later arrested and charged in the case. They were the only people who had seen Allen alive before her mysterious disappearance. They were also driving a van that was seen outside the store during the incident.

4) Gary Thibodeau was found guilty one year after Heidi Allen obituary.

Heidi Allen
Gary accused of killing Heidi Allen

In June 1995, Gary Thibodeau was convicted guilty of first-degree abduction in Allen’s case and given a 25–life sentence. In contrast, Richard was exonerated of all accusations in the same year’s September. Gary later attempted to appeal his conviction in 1999, but the courts rejected his request. He did, however, continue to act innocently over time. Finally, Gary passed away in 2018. 

5) Allen was working as a teen drug informant at the time of her disappearance.

Prior to being abducted, a constable who was working with Heidi Allen as a young drug informant accidentally left her identity card at her place of employment with Allen’s name and photo on it identifying her as an informant. Authorities think this could have contributed to her disappearance. Additionally, Gary’s unsuccessful retrial appeal was made using this material.

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