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March babies are fortunate enough to have two gemstones, namely  Aquamarine birthstone Month is march , jewelry and bloodstone. Even though they are very different in look, both March birthstone have an honor for promoting the health of the operator. Aquamarine jewelry gems evoke blue skies and calming waters, while the dark green bloodstone with its typical red spot is associated with spiritedness and strength.

march birthstone photo
march birthstone photo

Common Birthstone/ MARCH BIRTHSTONE – Bloodstone:

As mentioned, the traditional birthstone for March babies is the Aquamarine. A dark green gemstone, the bloodstone gets its name from the bright red spot of iron overview  that dot the outside of the gem. The Full of life red spots often look like blood, hence the name ‘bloodstone’. The color and number of spots play a role in controlling the value of the gem.

March Birthstone rings has a long and engrossing history and, given its associations with blood and vitality, is thought to promote the health of the operator.Bloodstone is also regularly used as an amulet. In the past, sportsmen would carry bloodstones to increase their strength and stamina.

History of Birthstone:

Bloodstone is also known as chalcedony, which is derived from an ancient Greek word that means ‘turn to the sun’. This name likely stems from the age-old belief that if we were placed in water the jewel would turn the sun red.

The ancient Greek also believed in the curing of the bloodstone. It was thought to end the nosebleeds and hemorrhages, also cure tumors.Battler would carry bloodstones in the belief that it could sharpen their skills. Some even believed that the gem could make them convert to their opponents. March Birthstone Pandora was also thought to influence the outcome of courtroom decisions, so ancient lawyers and barristers would also carry blood stones as a lucky charm.

In circa 1525, Italian artist Matteo del Nassaro carved ‘The Descent from the Cross’, a famous strong matches scene, from bloodstone. Del Massaro selected the bloodstone so the red flecks would show Christ’s blood.

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Origins Of Birthstone:

Bloodstone is one of the most special birthstones known to man, and this is why:

It belongs to the chalcedony mineral group (also called cryptocrystalline quartz). Chalcedony is a variety of polycrystalline quartz, which means that bloodstone is clam of multiple layers of tightly-packed crystals. Other variations of polycrystalline quartz include tiger’s eye, carnelian, aventurine, onyx, and agate.

Another name for the birthstone is dark green jasper. But, it is not a part of the jasper family at all. It also often has a grainy structure which birthstone do not have.

Bloodstone is often found shining into shiny pebbles along river beds, having been rubbed smooth after falling down against other rocks and sediment in the river. Bloodstone has also been found implanted in other rocks.

Most bloodstone available today arises from India, although it is also being mined in Australia, South Africa, China, Italy, and Brazil. The American state of California also has some notable bloodstone down payment.

Perfect Settings for Birthstones:

Most good gem-quality bloodstones are cut en cabochon and bezel setting is perfect for this type of cut, which features a flat base and a hollow .A bezel setting is a very firm way to mount a gemstone and gives it a bit of extra protection thanks to the metal rim nearby it on all sides. This minimizes the number of roughten and dents your bloodstone jewelry will be revealed to and makes it more often for everyday wear.

Because of its relatively soft nature, the bloodstone birthstone is used for overview work. As such, you can often find carved bloodstone seals, cameos, and seal rings . Beaded strands are also famous since lapidaries often make smaller gems into beads.

How to Clean and Care for Your Birthstone Jewelry:

With a score of 6 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, bloodstone is a relatively sturdy gemstone that is fairly proof againts to scratches. However, you should still exercise caution when wearing your bloodstone jewelry and avoid revealing it to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. This will help stop any discoloration and fading.


For very intricate settings, soak your jewelry in warm soapy water for a few minutes and then gently scrub with a soft brush.It is very important that you only use soft materials when cleaning your bloodstone birthstone to stop it from getting scratched. Gently pat your jewelry dry with a soft cloth and store it in a satiny box or bag.



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