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Martie Allen Biography: Unveiling the Truth About Kristy McNichol’s Partner

Martie Allen Biography: Unveiling the Truth About Kristy McNichol’s Partner

Apr 27, 2023

Martie Allen is a former television activist who is famous for advocating the LGBT campaign. She is notorious as Kristy McNichol’s partner. In case you don’t know, she is a former American actress.

The couple started their romantic homosexual relationship a decade ago and they had to keep it secret due to societal pressure but recent years have made LGBT laws soft and as a result, they disclosed it recently.

Read an article about the biography, love story, and net worth of Martie Allen.

Profile Summary of Martie Allen

Name Martha Miles Allen
Profession Actress, Television Personality, Clinical Psychologist, and Therapist
Age 63 years
Birth Place The United States of America
Date of Death 20 December 1995
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Martie Allen’s Early Life

Martie Allen
Martie Allen

She was given the name Martha Miles Allen at birth and was of American parentage. She was born in the United States of America, and while there isn’t much information available about her family or early years, we do know that she is an American citizen. Also, Martie has had a passion for performing since she was a little girl. This was the driving force behind her choice to pursue acting as a profession.

It is important to note that Kristy, her celebrity companion, is 60 years old, two years younger than Martie, who is 63. Kristy, the husband of Martie Allen, is of Irish and Lebanese descent and was raised in Los Angeles, California. Her younger brother Jimmy McNichol also sang and sang as a youngster. At first, Allen’s partner and her brother Jimmy appeared in advertising.

Martie Allen’s Career and Education

Martie Allen made an effort in the beginning to seek a career in cinema and television, but she was never as well-known as her wife. She appeared on television for a limited period. She appeared in films such as Mother of the Bride, Baby of the Bride, Children of the Babe, The Forgotten One, Two Moon Junction, You Can’t Hurry Love, Women of Valor, Dream Lover, and Just The Way You Are, among others, as an actress.

After a short career on television, the actress eventually changed careers, specializing in clinical psychology before working as a marriage and family therapist. But when Kristy McNichol gave up performing, she and Martie concentrated on starting an acting school as a way to teach aspiring actors and actresses what they had learned and experienced. In addition to the enormous progress they are making with charitable work, both of them work in social services to aid the homosexual community.

Martie Allen’s Love Story with Kristy 

Martie Allen
Martie Allen and her wife, Kristy McNichol

Martie’s partner McNichol struggled with mental health issues as a youngster. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a mental illness often characterized by prolonged depression. McNichol said that having too many obligations at a young age complicated her health and she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This influenced her decision to unofficially retire from acting at the age of 24. She found love with Martie and she has been happy since then.

The couple began dating in 1991, and they exchanged marital vows in a secret ceremony years later. Allen and Kristy McNichol made global news in 2012 after revealing their romance in the media. Taking this into account, the two have been together for over three decades. Details as to how they meet aren’t available, but the pair have worked together during their acting days.

Martie, unlike her partner, has managed to keep her personal and professional life out of the spotlight. She has not been involved in any significant scandals so far. Furthermore, there are currently no speculations about her life or job. Allen is not on any social media, making her one of the most misunderstood figures in the entertainment industry.

Marital Status Married
Spouse Kristy McNichol
Father Clyde Allen
Mother Nancy Norton Allen
Brother Update Soon
Children None

The Secret Relationship of Martie and Kristy

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol concealed their romance from the public for more than ten years. But, when Kristy eventually came out with her tale, it was promptly reported by newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets and turned into a hot topic. It’s also feasible, though unproven, that she delayed coming out because she didn’t want to jeopardize her acting career given how homophobic Hollywood was at the time.

At the age of 50, according to Kristy McNichol, “she wanted the freedom to live without having anything to conceal.” She further uploaded a picture of herself eating with Martie Allen, her date. Fans of Kristy have long believed that she is a lesbian. Nonetheless, she didn’t confirm or refute the claims until 2012. The couple has been cohabitating for several years, and their relationship is still strong.

Regarding adoption, the majority of same-sex couples are now permitted to do so by American adoption rules. Martie Allen and Kristy are not parents and have no plans to become parents shortly. The reason for Allen and her partner’s choice is not yet known to the broader world, and they have never shown any desire in having a large family.

Plans for Kristy and Martie Allen

Martie Allen
Martie Allen and her wife, Kristy McNichol

As Kristy retired from performing after 24 years, Martie Allen and Kristy decided to remain out of the limelight so they could concentrate on their relationship and personal happiness. In the Californian city of Los Angeles, Martie lives in a stunning house. The property is owned by Kristy McNichol, her spouse, and it is estimated to be worth at least $250,000.

They like playing tennis, doing yoga, and taking trips. They also own several animals. Allen and Kristy, who travels with her, have also been volunteering their time. They have defended young individuals in their neighborhoods who have been victimized by bullying because of their sexual orientation. Also, Kristy is an acting instructor at a private school. Eventually, their life is going smoothly and they are spending the rest of their lives to the fullest.

The Net Worth of Martie Ellen

Martie Allen has a net worth of $500,000 from all of her business ventures, which includes priceless jewels and other accouterments. Her husband, the once-successful actress Kristy McNichol, is said to be worth about $7 million.

Profession Actress, Television Personality, Clinical Psychologist, and Therapist
Net Worth $500K Million Approx.
Monthly Income None

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