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Exploring life of Jayson Tatum Wife, Ella Mai

Exploring life of Jayson Tatum Wife, Ella Mai

May 24, 2023

Ella Mai is rumored as Jayson Tatum wife. Jayson Tatum who plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is believed to have been in a relationship with Ella Mai since 2020. If we talk about his matrimonial relationship then he is not married. He has a girlfriend named Ella Mai who is included as the top singer and songwriter too. 

Although they have not clearly stated their relationship reports and other facts clearly demonstrate their love and passion for each other.

Jayson Tatum Wife Bio

Full name Ella Mai Howell
Age 28 years
Profession Singer-songwriter
Date of Birth November 3, 1994
Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Education Queens High School of Teaching
Genres R&B

Has Jayson Tatum Ever Been Married?

Ella Mai
Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum is a single man. A cursory review of his life history reveals that there is absolutely no evidence of Jayson Tatum wife. It’s notable that the basketball player has given his entire attention to his burgeoning career, which is coming up brilliantly.

The Boston Celtics have advanced to the NBA Finals thanks in large part to Jayson, who was awarded the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Most Valuable Player in 2022. He was also a member of the 2020 U.S. Olympic team that won a gold medal in Tokyo, making him one of the NBA’s most promising young talents. He seems to be determined to maximize his professional opportunities.

Love Life of Rumored Jayson Tatum Wife, Ella Mai

Marital Status In a Relationship
Boyfriend Jayson Tatum
Father Update Soon
Mother Update Soon
Brother Mark Mai
Children None

Rumored Jayson Tatum Wife Is Ella Mai 

The English singer-songwriter Ella Mai is reportedly Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend, according to numerous sources. Jayson and Ella have both made the decision to keep things very quiet and have not publicly acknowledged their relationship. But it is said that they have been together for a while, and it seems that they are determined to make things work.

For the record, Ella Mai started her career in 2014 at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute. Since then, she has achieved great success and won numerous accolades. She submitted a four-track EP to SoundCloud in 2015 after auditioning as a trio on The X Factor’s 11th season. American record producer Mustard found the EP and signed her to his label, 10 Summers.

Social Media Profiles of Ella Mia

Ella Mai
Jayson Tatum wife, Ella Mai
Instagram Visit
YouTube Visit
Spotify Visit
Soundcloud Visit
Facebook Visit
Twitter Visit

Jayson Tatum And Ella Mai Reportedly Got Together In 2020

When they were seen in the same building in 2020, Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai initially fueled the suspicions that they were dating. At the time, Jayson was getting ready for his third season in the NBA, and keen-eyed viewers saw Ella Mai recording a TikTok video at Jayson Tatum’s home.

Many internet users were drawn to the video’s setting, which featured a white background and wooden window bars when it was first posted. Shortly after, Jayson Tatum also uploaded a video to YouTube with exactly the same details as those in Ella Mai’s. Fans instantly surmised that Ella and Jayson were having a fantastic time together in the same place.

Jayson Tatum Was Previously in a Relationship With Toriah Lachell

Ella Mai
Jayson Tatum with ex-girlfriend, Torial Lachell and his son

Jayson Tatum had been in love with Toriah Lachell prior to meeting Ella Mai and being in love with her. Toriah is a hairstylist who is 23 years old and was born on February 21, 2000, in St. Louis, Missouri. She is John Gibbs’ stepdaughter and the daughter of Julie Gibbs. The identity of her biological father is not mentioned.

They Dated During their Days at Chaminade College Prep School

When they were both in their teens and attending high school, Toriah Lachell and Jayson Tatum first crossed paths. They started dating after quickly falling for one another. At the time, Toriah and Jayson Tatum were well-known pairs since they were both talented athletes who were well-liked by their fellow athletes. It was therefore expected that as time passed, they would create the ideal couple.

They Have A Son Together

While it lasted, the union of Jayson Tatum and Toriah Lachell resulted in a kid. Now married, the former lovers have a son together. In 2017, during Jayson’s first season in the NBA, Toriah fell pregnant.

According to sources, Jayson Tatum learned that Lachell was having a child in the middle of 2017 as he was finishing up his first year at Duke University and just starting his professional career. In an interview with Graham Bensinger, he made reference to this.


Ella Mai
Rumored Jayson Tatum wife, Ella Mai

Q: Who is Jayson Tatum wife? 

Jayson Tatum wife is Ella Mai. She is a British singer and songwriter known for her hit song “Boo’d Up”.

Q: How did Jayson Tatum and Jayson Tatum wife, Ella Mai meet?

It is not publicly known how Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai met, but they were first seen together in November 2020 during a vacation in Mexico.

Q: When did Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai get married? 

Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai have not publicly announced that they are married. However, they have been seen together frequently and have shared photos of each other on social media, suggesting they are in a committed relationship.

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